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  1. “在过去的一年多中,我们团队独家采访了一位曾在抗疫一线工作的李文亮的同事和数位医学专家,审阅了包括李文亮病程记录和医嘱在内的许多文件,揭示了有关他接受的治疗和受到的对待的细节,填补了大众认知中的一些空白。请观看我们的视频(有中文字幕)。” –

  2. 跪得太久,以至于站起来都成了一种冒犯
    Kneeling for so long that it becomes an offense to stand up
    When there is no harsh opposition, objection becomes a mistake. When there is no objection, silence starts to be a mistake. When there is no silence, not enough praise will be a mistake.

  3. 希望我们能在更加自由开放公平正义的国家生存,而不是天天被言论管制,权贵成堆的地方苟且

  4. Do not go gentle into that good night
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light

  5. It is Chinese Communist Party who covered the pandemic, arrest the 8 whistleblowers, lied that the virus was not contagious at the very beginning of the pandemic in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020.
    It is Chinese Communist Party who locked down the city in an inhuman way making people unable to get enough food and proper medical care. This directly caused the death of Yan Cheng, a child with cerebral palsy of age 17 who starved to death without food or water at home alone for a week.
    Remember those who were dead. This helps us realize what can help more people stay alive.
    The pandemic is a deliberate massacre rather than a natural incident.
    TAKE DOWN THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY. Only in this way can we save more innocent people.

  6. Я потерял дар речи, и это просто для того, чтобы почтить память доктора Ли Вэньляна.

  7. 私には何もいえない、ただこれをもって李文亮君を紀念する!

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